Wade Made Blades

Meet Wade...

Wade sitting in front of Samurai swords

I have been an artist since childhood. As a young man this took practical expression in custom home building. Now, four years into blacksmithing, I have found my true passion: sharp, shiny, stabby steel stuff!

Make your own blade...

Do you have an idea for a custom blade? For the same amount it would cost to commission it I will teach you to make it yourself using the tools in my workshop.

You will:

  • design your project
  • choose your materials
  • forge shape and grind the  blade
  • choose the handle materials
  • shape and attach the handle

Working alongside you I will create an identical blade, giving you the option to purchase it to create a matched set or to give it to someone else.

See his work...

The knife shown here is the first blade I made, and is not for sale. The Kukri style knife is available by order.

Top: Whidbey Island Backwoods Bowie Knife. Handle - 7", with bottle opener; Blade - 15" 15N20 leaf spring steel Bottom: Bayonet. Handle - 7", with custom rifle barrel mount; Blade - 15" 15N20 leaf spring steel drilled-out for lightness.

From left to right: Butcher Knife. Handle - Black Walnut; Blade - 1095 steel Damascus Cleaver. Handle - Tigerwood; Blade- 89 layers of 1095 and 15N20 steel Fillet Knife. "Smugglers Cove Salmon Slayer". Handle - Rose Wood; Blade - 01…

Kris Dagger fighting knives - set of two Top:  Kris Dagger. Overall length about 20"; Blade - 15N20 leaf spring steel Bottom: Kris Dagger. Overall length - 25"; Blade - Hardened 01 tool steel (chainsaw bar). Reduced, not tempered

Blade - 7"; Overall length - 19" . The hook at the end of the handle makes it easy to hang by the fireplace.

Top: Katana. Handle - 12";  Blade - 32" 600 layer Damascus 1095 and 15N20 steel Middle: Katana. Handle - 12"; Blade:  31" 101 layer Damascus 1095 and 15N20 steel Bottom: Tanto (short sword). Handle - 6", Blade - 14" Pricing: When making…

Viking Axe Handle - 32"; Blade - 12" Made from the leaf spring of a Kenworth semi truck tractor - a very hard metal

Note on pricing...

The blades you see here represent Wade’s work over the past four years as he has been perfecting his craft. They are not priced yet.  We are currently exploring their value.  Meanwhile we are accepting legitimate offers for items currently in stock.  

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